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Rodilleras S1 Pro Gen 3 Blanco

  • Marca: S1 Helmets
  • Modelo / Serie: Pro Knee Pads Gen 3
  • Tipo de deporte: Skate / Longboard, Roller Derby, Multi Deporte, Action Sports
  • Descripción:

    The Gen 3 S1 Pro Knee Pad is thoughtfully designed with comfort, durability, stability and function in mind. We took great care in the design and development of this product and are very excited to bring our vision to reality. Four years in development and thousands of hours of wear testing we are very proud to introduce the Gen 3 S1 Pro Knee Pad. The Gen 3 Pro Knee pad is exactly the same in design and function as the first 2 generations but we have expanded and fine tuned the sizing by adding additional sizes for a more customized fit.


    Guia De Tallaje:

    X-Small | Arriba de la rodilla 30.5cm - 35.5cm (12”–14”) Abajo de la rodilla 28cm-33cm (11”–13”)

    Small | Arriba de la rodilla 35.5cm - 38cm (14”–15”) Abajo de la rodilla 30.5cm-33cm (12”–13”)

    Medium | Arriba de la rodilla 38cm - 43.18cm (15”–17”) Abajo de la rodilla 33cm-38cm (13”–15”)

    Medium / Large | Arriba de la rodilla 43.18cm - 45.72cm (17”–18”) Abajo de la rodilla 35.5cm-38cm (14”–15”)

    Large | Arriba de la rodilla 45.72cm - 50.8cm (18"–20”) Abajo de la rodilla 38cm-43.18cm (15”–17”)

    X-Large | Arriba de la rodilla 50.8cm - 53.4cm (20”–21”) Abajo de la rodilla 40.64cm-43.18cm (16"–17”)

    2X-Large | Arriba de la rodilla 53.4cm - 58.4cm (21"-23") Abajo de la rodilla 43.18cm-45.72cm (17"-18")

    3X-Large | Arriba de la rodilla 58.4cm - 63.5cm Abajo de la rodilla 45.72cm-48.26cm (18"-19")


Precio Habitual:

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